Jun 18

giant cat in a suit

I noticed something the other day that we all know, but it’s more fun on kids. We all have our areas of expertise and then those areas where we aren’t such experts.

For instance, although Five is under the impression that I use a razor to scrape soap off my legs, she knows all the princesses intimately. If you know any small females, you know the princesses I’m talking about. When I was little there were basically the big three–Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. But Disney hasn’t been idle, and I’m not really sure how many there are now.

At any rate, Five and I were playing a game of Princess Go Fish the other evening. And I was having a bit of trouble remembering the various Ladies’ names in order to ask for the right cards. I figured I might be the least prepared person ever to play the game, until Eight came along and wanted to be dealt in. I knew that he didn’t know their names either, but on his first turn it became obvious that he didn’t feel at all impaired.

I was blown away, he didn’t even try to remember their names. He just turned to Five and said, “Do you have a girl in a yellow dress dancing with a giant cat in a suit?” (In case you’re wondering, that’s Beauty and the Beast.)

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