Jun 27

Fast Thinking

Again with the cookies.  I’m starting to think Five needs a 12 step program.  This is not a new policy.

10:00 am the other day and she was already asking for cookies.  I, of course, said, “We haven’t even had lunch yet.”  Then I remembered that she had also opted out of breakfast.  So, I said,  “Hey you didn’t even eat breakfast.  No wonder you’re hungry.  Would you like something to eat?”

(Necessary back story–The adults in our family sometimes fast a day or so.)

Without missing a beat Five replied, “No, I’m fasting today.”


“But, Sweetie, if your fasting that means you’re not eating today, right?”

Still without a split second’s hesitation, “Well, I’m not fasting cookies.”

I wonder if this approach would work with my occasional attempts at dieting.

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