Apr 06


You know how cartoon villains act? The gestures, voices, plot-exposing orations. We were treated to a mini, real life, performance the other day.

We were at my mom’s house for Sunday dinner which was still being prepared, and Five (years old, that is) came in and asked me for a cookie. When I didn’t give it to her, she loitered for a few moments until she caught Nana distracted and tried her luck there. Cookies before dinner? No dice.

After a moment of meditation, Five threw back her head and tittered out a high-pitched, “Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha,” while rubbing her tiny hands in small circles under her chin. She then explained, “That’s my maniacal laugh that I do when I know Papaw will give me what I want, even if you all won’t.” And off she scampered.

Of course with a heads up like that we were quite ready for Papaw when he meandered into the kitchen and toward the cookie drawer a few minutes later.

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