Jul 16

More Sleeptalking

In response to Lilly’s blog, I have a couple of sleep-related incidents I thought you would enjoy.

At Boy Scout Camp, I was in my tent and the kid in the tent with me was sleeping.  I was almost asleep when 2 other guys randomly came in and sat down on my cot. After a brief conversation, they started messing with the kid who was sleeping. They talked to him and poked him and all that, and the kid said “Keys… keys… close the door!” We start busting up! One of the guys closed the tent flap and said “I closed the door,” still sniggering.

I did not witness this one, but my Dad told us about it.  When my oldest sister was about 11 years old, she went through a horrible sleepwalking stage.  One night she walked into the living room.  Dad was working on his expensive laptop, and my sister came down and picked up the laptop.  Dad just sat there.  He didn’t want to wake her up or scare her because he thought she would drop the laptop.  Luckily, my sister didn’t move.  To my dad’s relief, she put the laptop down and went upstairs.

Also at Boy Scout camp, I was told that I say smart things and long words in my sleep.

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