Jul 14


We’ve all talked in our sleep once in our life, right?  When we do, it’s usually very amusing.  When my mom talks in her sleep, you can usually get a good laugh about it.  There are two more wild things that she has said that I am going to include here.

1.  My mom had let me help make tacos one evening, and I was thanking her while she was half asleep.  My mistake.  After I said thank you, she said “You always cut the tomatoes up right.”  Now it was news to me that there was a right and a wrong way to cut tomatoes.

2.  My mom was taking a nap in the middle of the day.  I asked her if I could watch some T.V. and she responded with, “This time, don’t ask it if it’s a shark, just ask it if you can go through line.”  Confused?  So was I.  When she woke up she said she had been dreaming about a shark that was a security guard, and she was trying to get in somewhere.

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