Apr 01

Texting Girls

I was at my friends’ Eaw’s house.  Two of my other friends, we’ll call them Josephina and Kally, were also there.  We were all watching the third Harry Potter movie.  Well, I was watching it, but the other three were texting.  I don’t have a cell phone or I most likely would have been texting too.  Well, actually not.  If I had a cell phone, I would have no one to text.

They were all siting on the couch right beside each other and I was siting in a chair.  Suddenly, they all started laughing at once.  I looked over at them and asked, “Are you guys texting each other?”

“Yea.”  said Kally,  “Why?”

“Because you are siting right beside each other!”  I said.

“So.  What’s your point?”  said Kally.  I will never understand my friends…. or most teenage girls in general.

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