Mar 25

Lemons-Lilly’s point of view.

Eaw was at my house just to hang out.  We were playing the piano, (And don’t listen to what she says, I play the piano wonderfully!) and I asked her if she wanted some fruit, and she said she wanted a lemon.  So I got a lemon and a knife and started to peel it.  I eat lemons like I eat oranges, so this is what I always do.  And, quite frankly, I was having fun cutting the peel off with a knife.  Soon, Eaw asked me what I was doing.  By that time, I was having a little bit of trouble getting the peel off.  I turned around and started to crack up.  I had gone to all that trouble when she just wanted her lemon cut in half.  I think she probably thought I was crazy because she was giving me weird looks, so I had to explain that that is how I eat lemons.  I hope you find this as funny as I did, but this is probably a “had to be there” moment.  Anyway, you should still read Eaw’s point of view.

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