Mar 25

Lemons- Eaw’s point of view

I was at my friend Lilly’s house and she offered me some fruit. We were playing the piano at the time (very badly, might I add). I asked for a lemon so she gave me one. I asked her to open it because I am not the incredible hulk. I cannot open lemons with my mind.  She laughs and gets a knife. She walks to the other side of the counter with her back to me.  I could not see what she was doing, but I guessed it was normal. I continue playing the piano for a few more minutes and start to wonder what is taking so long. I check to see if she is ok to see that she is peeling my lemon’s skin off.  I was startled because I usually just cut them in half. She burst out in laughter when she see’s the expression on my face.  I tell her that that is not how you open a lemon correctly!  We then enjoyed a mutilated lemon with some lemonade.  We refrained from telling my parents, but it was too funny to be held back from the world.  Lilly asked me to post my side of the story compared to hers so I hope you enjoy it! It’s a had to be there moment, but the world needs to know!  If you haven’t already read Lilly’s point of view then you need to, to completely understand.

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