Mar 25

Jorthdawn Knight

Hey! I’m Jorthdawn Knight. Like the other bloggers, I love reading. My favorite books include The Old Book Reopened (Sheets), the Redwall series and Castaways series (Jacques), the Abhorsen series and Keys to the Kingdom series and Seventh Tower series (Nix), the Inkheat trilogy and The Thief Lord (Funke), Holes (Sachar), The Thief (Turner), The Hunger Games trilogy (Collins), the Inheritance Cycle (Paolini), the Artemis Fowl series and The Wish List and Airman (Colfer), the Wolf Tower series (Lee), the Harry Potter series (Rowling), the Maximum Ride series (Patterson), The Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket), and finally The Wheel of Time series (Jordan) which I am currently reading.  I also write, but at the moment I only have ideas, no actual stories written… but when I write something, I will post it for you to read and critique.

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