Mar 24


    Hi, this is my first blog post!!!  I’m Eaw (e- ah-waa) as far as you know…  I will be writing an array of different topics here.   I’m currently working on some stories you might hear about throughout our journey.  I’m a teenage girl who loves to write.  My stories are all very different.  One of my best friends also writes on this site.  Her names is Lilly as far as you know…  We are writing a story together.  Visit her posts!  She has some great true funny moments.  Some things I enjoy are Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), The Hunger Games, I am Number Four (The book), The 39 Clues,  Scott Westerfeld the author, Tennis, writing (That’s a given), and unicorns!  That’s all you need to know about me for now…

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