Oct 20

I Spy Something Brown

Have you ever seen one of those optical illusion photographs where the camera has pulled in so tight on the subject that you have trouble figuring out what you’re looking at? OK, now imagine two or three almonds, still in the shells, in a pile, with no background or frame of reference. Hold that thought.

We were visiting relatives recently and I took Five to the bathroom. After a delightful few moments of business (Five always enjoys an unfamiliar bathroom, even in public places, much to my chagrin.) we proceeded to wash our hands. I’m usually finished and waiting impatiently when she is about to leisurely get started. So as she meticulously adjusted the water temperature, she observed quite conversationally, “Aunt L- must really like fried chicken.”

This one seemed totally out of left field to me. We hadn’t eaten anything resembling chicken during the visit, or even mentioned chicken as far as I could remember. “Why do you say that, sweetie?”

“Well,” she replied, “she has two different kinds of fried chicken soap in this bathroom.”

I was still confused for just a moment, but then noticed, indeed, two different brands of liquid soap on the sink, both with really tight photographs of almonds on the label. And if you thought about it just right, it did look like a close up shot of a pile of yummy, fried chicken legs.

I figured all this out just in time to catch her sniffing her clean, little hands and looking disappointed. They didn’t, after all, smell a bit like fried chicken.

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