Oct 05

A What-inator?

This one needs to be told in a script.

Phone rings. Thirteen looks at the caller ID.

Thirteen: It’s Uncle D-. I’ll get it. (picks up phone) Hello, this is Pizza Hut…..You want a pizza?…..You want cheese on your pizza? No, we don’t have tacos. You want pizza. Maybe you want an egg rolll pizza. (this continues for a several minutes) ok,ok, Are you here, mom?

Mom: Who wants to know?

Thirteen: She wants to know ‘who wants to know?’ (At this point I should add that Uncle D- can give as good as he was getting in this particular exchange.) ok,ok, I have to go do my homework anyway….. So?…..I only have a little bit…..I’ll get it done…..a what?…..No, what is it?…..You tell me…..ok, Mom, D wants me to ask you what a procrastinator is?

Mom: That’s your vocabulary word for today. Look it up, define it, use it in a sentence.  Quiz on Friday.

Thirteen: She won’t tell me, she says for me to look it up…..What does it mean?…..ok, ok here mom.

Mom’s turn on the phone. After the phone call.

Thirteen: So what’s a procrastinator?

Mom: You better get your homework done.

Thirteen: What does it mean?

Mom: Do you know what time it is?

Thirteen: I’ll get it done. Is it something Doofenschmirtz built? (Mom laughing) Well, it ends in “inator”.

Mom: You better get your homework.

Thirteen: Just tell me.

Mom: Look it up.

Thirteen: Tell me.

Mom: When you get curious enough, you’ll look it up. You won’t be able to stand it. You’ll want to know, and you’ll look it up. (Thirteen starts off to do her homework) Aren’t you going to look it up? Don’t you want to know?

Thirteen: I’ll do it later, when I get curious enough. Not now.

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