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Jul 16

More Sleeptalking

In response to Lilly’s blog, I have a couple of sleep-related incidents I thought you would enjoy. At Boy Scout Camp, I was in my tent and the kid in the tent with me was sleeping.  I was almost asleep when 2 other guys randomly came in and sat down on my cot. After a …

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Jul 14


We’ve all talked in our sleep once in our life, right?  When we do, it’s usually very amusing.  When my mom talks in her sleep, you can usually get a good laugh about it.  There are two more wild things that she has said that I am going to include here. 1.  My mom had …

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Mar 25

The best story ever!!!

Once upon a time… THE END

Mar 25

I want a mango!

The ad came out in the annoying, free, collection of fliers and personals that passes for a weekend paper in my tiny rural township.  There it was in tantalizing color.  Right on the very front of the grocery sale insert were the mangoes.  They were pictured in their bulbous, plump, ripe, just off the tree …

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Nov 13

Frame of Reference

Halloween: A cold, ninety minute walk around a suburb teeming with manic parents of chaotic children dressed as every imaginable thing that I never really needed to see, and don’t really appreciate, but have to smile at anyway, or be thought some other type of monster that can’t appreciate the fabricated “cuteness” of the little …

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Oct 20

I Spy Something Brown

Have you ever seen one of those optical illusion photographs where the camera has pulled in so tight on the subject that you have trouble figuring out what you’re looking at? OK, now imagine two or three almonds, still in the shells, in a pile, with no background or frame of reference. Hold that thought.

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Oct 05

A What-inator?

This one needs to be told in a script. Phone rings. Thirteen looks at the caller ID. Thirteen: It’s Uncle D-. I’ll get it. (picks up phone) Hello, this is Pizza Hut…..You want a pizza?…..You want cheese on your pizza? No, we don’t have tacos. You want pizza. Maybe you want an egg rolll pizza. …

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Jun 27

Fast Thinking

Again with the cookies.  I’m starting to think Five needs a 12 step program.  This is not a new policy. 10:00 am the other day and she was already asking for cookies.  I, of course, said, “We haven’t even had lunch yet.”  Then I remembered that she had also opted out of breakfast.  So, I …

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Mar 22

book signing

This weekend I have my first book signing at my local library along with four other local authors. Naturally I am very excited, and anxious to do a good job. I have been contemplating all that it means for a few days and some aspects had started to worry me a little. Now my library …

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