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Jul 03

Three Questions

Okay. So, I have a few questions about writing. Answer them according to what you think would work best. 1. What do you do when you have 5+ characters with intricate life stories? I don’t know how I should fit them all in. Some of them can’t be revealed for a while. 2. I’m not sure …

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Mar 25

Arya Starr

Hi! I’m Arya Starr. Or at least that’s what I’m telling you my name is…..Anyway, I am currently working on two books although one’s currently on hold. Like Eaw and Lilly, I also like to read. My favorite books are Eragon, Holes, Artemis Fowl,  Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Inkheart, The Thief Lord, The …

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