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Jul 14


We’ve all talked in our sleep once in our life, right?  When we do, it’s usually very amusing.  When my mom talks in her sleep, you can usually get a good laugh about it.  There are two more wild things that she has said that I am going to include here. 1.  My mom had …

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Apr 01

Texting Girls

I was at my friends’ Eaw’s house.  Two of my other friends, we’ll call them Josephina and Kally, were also there.  We were all watching the third Harry Potter movie.  Well, I was watching it, but the other three were texting.  I don’t have a cell phone or I most likely would have been texting …

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Mar 25

Lemons-Lilly’s point of view.

Eaw was at my house just to hang out.  We were playing the piano, (And don’t listen to what she says, I play the piano wonderfully!) and I asked her if she wanted some fruit, and she said she wanted a lemon.  So I got a lemon and a knife and started to peel it.  …

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Mar 24


Hi!  My code name is Lilly.  If it is left up to me, you will never know my real name.  I am a teenager who loves to read and write.  I have started at least five stories that I hope to publish some day.  One of them, I have started with my best friend, Eaw(Or …

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