I live in rural America. I am a wife, mom, teacher.  I’ve been homeschooling my kids for about a decade.  I taught seventh grade literature in public middle school for the same span of time before my own kids came along.  I blog about different things, but a lot about my kids whom I refer to by numbers reflecting their ages.

I love good stories and have for all of my life. Some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, Brian Jaques and Lemony Snicket. Of course, I love making up stories of my own to write down or just to tell. My children and their friends graciously, and often appreciatively, listen to or read my stories.

One of my stories is called The Old Book Reopened. There are six, maybe seven more coming in this series. If you want to read along and give feedback, please do! The entirety of book one is presently here on the web site, divided into it’s chapters. You can leave comments at the end of each chapter, just like a normal blog entry.